Brightly coloured birds are beautiful. These are some of my favourite postcards of them.

For more postcards visit Beth's Postcard Friendship Friday


  1. Lovely cards. Isn't it amazing that we see more and more of these birds in the wild in the city. Here in Amsterdam, I regularly spot green parrots and even common kingfishers. Happy Postcard Saturday!

  2. I love birds--they are all over my living room. My favorite is the lovely red birds. There is a room in my home called the cloud room, and there are cardinals in the bed cover and on a little lighted "tree" in the corner. Thank you for posting. I have been out of town, so I am just getting caught up!!! ((hugs)) Happy PFF

  3. I always love birds with bright and different colors! They're pretty both in postcards & stamps.


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