I love receiving postcards with pictures of the planets and stars on.
These are some of my latest ones.

For more postcards visit Beth's Postcard Friendship Friday


  1. These are timely, what with the eclipse next week and the Perseids this weekend.
    didn't see any meteor showers this year :(

  2. Oh, my goodness! These are wonderful!!! I especially liked the first two. Thank you for posting. I was trying to find some commemorating the Great American Eclipse, but there were no such vintage postcards to be found. LOL Of course, they don't have to be vintage. It's just that the older ones are my favorites. I'm looking forward to Monday. I happen to live in the line of totality for the eclipse, so my town is going to be flooded with thousands of people here to see this once in a lifetime event. It will be an adventure! Have a great weekend my Friend.


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